Seal Pro's Asphalt Parking Lot, Driveway Maintenance Pothole Repair – Avoiding Costly Liabilities

Pothole Repair – Avoiding Costly Liabilities

Moisture intrusion is the leading cause of blacktop pavement deterioration. When left untouched and when cracks are not repaired, potholes become evident and a safety problem. Potholes represent an annoyance to vehicle traffic and a serious tripping hazard to pedestrians.

To avoid potential liability, potholes should be filled immediately upon discovery.

Fixing potholes is a inexpensive process.


To Properly Maintain a Driveway or Parking Lot, It’s Important to Prepare the Asphalt Surface Prior to Sealcoating.

Cracks in your pavement along with pot holes and raveling not only reduce the value of your property and are unappealing, they are also a safety issue and cause problems for visitors. With Seal Pro's Asphalt Maintenance sealcoating and asphalt maintenance contractor, a solution to ugly pavement can be had.

Our Mission Is To Properly Repair The pothole not just stick fill in and assume it's going to last.

We will send one of our qualified pavement Inspector to evaluate the ground structure, sometimes we find a broken under ground field tile maybe old. But has water still running through it causing the wash out, weakened the  subgrade base with out this easy fix, we have the solution? Give Us a call one call does it all. PH:765-705-2028


Asphalt Pavement Patching

Severely damaged pavement requires patching using either Infrared Patching techniques, Full-Depth asphalt repair, or GatorPave.
Infrared Patching involves heating up and re-melting the damaged asphalt, raking and then compacting the asphalt to produce a “like new” asphalt patch area.
Full-Depth Asphalt Repair involves cutting out and removing the damaged asphalt, repairing the base and replacing with fresh hot mix asphalt. Full-depth asphalt repair typically provides better long-term results.
SealMaster GatorPave is a polymer-modified, fiber reinforced asphalt emulsion fortified with select aggregate. It is designed for patching cracked and alligatored pavement. GatorPave is both economical and easy to use.

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• Asphalt road patching
• Concrete road repairs
• Pothole repairs
• Driveways, walkways and parking lots
• Utility cuts and manhole repairs
• Bridge joints


POTHOLE REPAIR SERVICE Don't waste your money on temporary fix.

It's Our Guarantee

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