Why All The Different Pavement Marking Materials?

 Why All The Different Pavement Marking Materials?

At Seal Pro's, we use different materials for different needs to provide optimum performance.

For outdoor Pavement Marking & Line Striping, surface, weather conditions, traffic patterns, intended function and expected results all play a part in which material is appropriate. The following is a short list of what we have experience with and have the equipment to apply.

+    Waterborne (latex) Pavement Marking Traffic Paint -    Used on sealcoated and newly paved 
                                                                                                   asphalt jobs as well as some restripe 
                                                                                                   of older asphalt.

+    Alkyd Traffic Paint -  Often called "regular dry" and can include many different blends of alkyd or 
                                            "oil" base.

+    Low VOC Traffic Paint -    Low Volatile Organic Compound, One of the more modern alkyd traffic paint 

+    Chlorinated Rubber Traffic Paint -    A good selection of an alkyd for concrete or older asphalt 

+    Epoxy Paint -    Primarily used indoors on concrete surfaces as a very durable high adhesion glossy 
                                    coating or striping paint.

+    Thermoplastic Pavement Markings -    Considered a durable pavement marking material - excellent 
                                                                        on new asphalt and for intersection markings.

+    Cold Plastic Pavement Markings -    An adhesive backed material typically used for special markings 
                                                                    & intersection work but becoming more widely used for inlay 
                                                                    markings in highways.

+    Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) - 99% solids sprayable plastic. Has very similar performance and 
                                                         adhesion characteristics as polyurea. This is another durable pavement 
                                                         marking which requires special equipment to apply.

Parallel has a pavement marking solution for everything from a basic parking lot striping job to the most complex mall parking lot or warehouse & manufacturing facility. We have done them all in varying conditions and know how to get the job done!

We are one of the few pavement striping & parking lot striping companies in Michigan to offer Thermoplastic, MMA or Cold Plastic. Usually it is the big road striping companies that would offer these products but we fit a niche for these product and service offerings very well. These special durable pavement markings require special expertise, prep and experience to know when and where to use them.

Most parking lot stripers would not even consider striping with epoxy 2-part materials in their machines. We do it as normal business so you can rest assured we know how to handle these more expensive and high performance warehouse striping and floor coating materials where durability and appearance is required. 

Warehouse Striping Materials, Parking lot Materials Used

Warehouse Striping Materials, Parking lot Materials Used